Malta continues to achieve success on the world stage as an attractive destination.

Leaving one’s home country, never mind investing in a foreign land is certainly not an easy decision for anyone to make, one I certainly NEVER considered.

The atmosphere in Malta is peaceful with a secure sense of community, where people comfortably speak English, Maltese and many other languages where all nationalities feel at home. Malta is an independent nation and member of the EU for over 10 years – is true gateway to Europe. The islands are rich in history with a variety of sights and experiences to be had.

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Malta offers an enviable lifestyle with some of the best residency options in Europe. Benefit from my relationship with Malta and Gozo’s leading real estate professionals. To view properties for sale or to rent/lease

What do you want to know?

Malta  complies with stringent financial regulations which contributes to their strong financial services sector. Would you like assistance in making your pathway easier for property to buy/let, investment, residency, career, events in Malta.


Living in Malta is both liberating and an enjoyable experience.  With my roots in South Africa; contemplating leaving the land of my birth was not I ever thought that I would consider. With over 30 years experience in the hospitality, training and events field both in corporate, small and self-owned business I tend to be quite fussy.

Our story started with looking for a Plan B, never really wanting to make a move. I came to Malta on an exploratory visit – ‘kicking and screaming’. I had no intention of staying. To my surprise, I fell in love with Malta.

Having also gained insight into other Residency Programmes and procedures and having temporarily lived in other countries myself, I can share my experience on the different aspects of making the choices.  Making major decisions for the future including where to live, and how to protect your family and investment. Now even more so the demands are increasing Post-Brexit, USA politics, global pandemic and world turmoil.


Driven by the buoyant economy, the property market in Malta has consistently provided healthy return for captial growth as well as on rental returns.


Recognised as offering some of the best residency options, company structures and promoting innovation in Europe.


Diversify your portfolio and benefit from the lucrative property market both in buy-to-let and healthy capital appreciation options. Favorable taxation. Double taxation agreements.

Why Malta?

Malta is an acclaimed destination for Residency and Lifestyle. The economically and politically stable environment further solidifies it’s reputation.

Malta is a firmly established independent island in the Mediterranean and is well placed as an anchor for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Its location has given it great strategic importance throughout history with a succession of power

Geographically, Malta is conveniently located and globally well connected.  It offers a variety of living options including bustling towns and quiet rural or seaside villages. Whether living in a modern apartment/penthouse, villa, house of character, bungalow, or farmhouse; everything is easily accessible either by car, bus, or ferry.

Map of Malta

Independent EU country | Schengen Zone Member | Conveniently located in the Mediterranean | Well connected | English speaking | Moderate climate | Easily accessible | Safe environment | Primarily Christian | Comparative low-cost of living | European lifestyle | Robust economy | Stringent fiscal and corporate regulations | Innovative environment | Improving infrastructure | Low unemployment rates | State-of-the-art medical care | High standards of education | Reliable municipal services | Friendly community for foreigners.

Find out for yourself

Find out for Yourself

Would you like someone to set you up with the right people?

Book your trip to Malta and we can arrange for you to view properties according to your requirements, and also give you a free introductory consultation with a leading tax/legal/accounting professional.


Especially for South Africans

A change in lifestyle (secure, European country, new opportunities, safe environment, etc)

Financial investment diversification – property sales are attractive as the market is growing and investment in Euros is a hedge against currency depreciation.

English speaking, wonderful friendly people and a growing South African community.

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